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I've been writing my blog "Look who's dropped by the studio ..." each and every week posting up my favourite videos from the drumming world! I am pleased you've decided to have a read of some of the older blogs as there might just be something you may have missed, and there's some very funny videos in there as well, so, read on and enjoy my friends ...

Drum blog 50 - Friday 6th May 2011

Here is the second of my student drum blogs.

Hello, my name is Sam and I have been playing the drums for 8 months. I've been enjoying watching loads of drummers performing live. Here is a selection of my favourite drum videos:

Nicko Mcbrain - Iron Maiden playing drums live

Kisses Eric Singer playing a drum solo live in Argentina

Chris Slade from AC/DC at Costa Mesa Speedway on the opening night in 2010

Behemoths drummer doing a great solo

Tommy Clufetos Drum solo - Ozzy Osbourne (live at Globen 2010)

Ian Paice performing a drum solo live!

Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor plays Motorheads Ace of Spades

Vinny Appice - Heaven and Hell drum solo

I hope you liked the videos I have chosen.

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Drum Blog 49 - Monday 2nd May 2011

Whilst I was recently away on holiday I asked my students to find their favourite drum video on the web and send it to me for my blog.

Here is the first of my student drum blogs.

Here is the Drum video I have chosen for your blog, its a drum duet by Phil Collins & Chester Thompson. The reason I have chosen this video is that Phil Collins is a fantasic drummer and the duets he does with Chester Thompson, drummer for Genesis, are extremely good.

Gigging Drum Charts - Phil Collins

by Leo

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Drum Blog 48 - Thursday 28th April

Kila Kella beat boxers this humourous video In celebration of the Royal Wedding or 'Kate and Wills' wedding (Friday 29th April 2011)

Check it out!

Cheers, Chris

Drum Blog 47 - Tuesday 26th April 2011

Whilst I was on holiday I asked all my students to write a blog to appear on my website. I will upload them gradually over the coming weeks.

To keep you entertained for now here is a Travis Barker led Lucozade advert featuring Tinnie Tempah and Katie Taylor doing 'simply unstoppable'.

Keep checking back!

Drum Blog 46 - 29/03/2011

Welcome to my drum blog. I've been working on this drum blog over the past few weeks! I watched loads of videos and settled on these ones for this blog! There are 11 featured!!! So without further it is.

Through the ages of drums featuring drummers from the ages of 1 to 10 years old!!!!

Through teaching I have met lots of great people of all different ages! This drum blog focuses on the youngsters learning the drums. My youngest is 6 years old and hes wicked! Check out the talent on these kids playing!!!

1 Year old drummer! What a start to life, straight behind the drum kit!

2 Year old Christian

3 year old playing drums!

4 year old drummer

One year later Igor Falecki plays another cracking little solo (aged 5 years old)

6 year old playing the drums

7 year old drummer...Julian (I also strongly recommend watching the youtube video called 'Jacob Armen drum solo, seven years old' has featured before in my past drum blogs...REMEMBER TO CHECK BACK AT MY OLD BLOGS!!!! THERES LOADS OF THEM TO KEEP YOU OCCUPIED!

An 8 year old drummer

9 Year old Daniel Kostenko playing some amazing double bass drum! Cool solo!

And to finish off 'through the ages of drums' is probably my favourite drum solo by this 10 year old! This oozes funk!

This video shows Tyler Hudson growing up as a drummer from the age of 2 to 11 years old.

Thanks for checking my blog out. In the coming weeks I hope that my students will begin to contribute with their favourite drum videos!

Keep on Groovin'
Chris - CG drums. for drum lessons in between Nottingham and Derby

Drum blog 45 - 11th March 2011

'The very best video action on the net' Youtube videos from Rhythm magazine.

From August 2010 issue.

Heres Robin Guys take on Kesha's Tik Tok, throwing his arms around

Paul Gray RIP of Slipknot jamming the track Duality with Stone Sour's Roy Mayorga

Some fella drumming along to Green Day's American Idiot! Pretty Good!

Mike Portnoy drumming live with Avenged Sevenfold - Watch this Mike Portnoy cam!

Another great set of videos. All very different and also entertaining!

Cheers for checking back.
Chris Goring - - drum lessons taught from Ilkeston (between Nottingham and Derby)

Drum blog 44 - 11th March 2011

'The very best video action on the net' Youtube videos from Rhythm magazine.

From February 2011 issue.

Watch this panda drum...very talented as he keeps changing his shirt as he's laying down this beat

Shannon Larkin and Sully Erna from rhythmically superb US metallers Godsmack do an awesome drum battle

Omar Hakim Rocks it

Italian-Australian drummer Virgil Donati soloing all over a Steve Vai concert.

Thats it for another installment of Rhythms recommended Youtube videos.

Chris Goring - - drum lessons taught from Ilkeston (between Nottingham and Derby)

Drum blog 43 - 4th March 2011

I've been a subscriber of Rhythm magazine for about 2 years now. I found that I had to subscribe becuase I could never get hold of it at the local supermarket or shop as it had either sold out or they didn't stock it. I always check out the Youtube videos they recommend you view each month and have decided to showcase these for all to see, so over the next few months you may find that some of my posts will feature the four youtube that Rhythm describe as 'the very best drum video action on the net'. Enjoy....

From the December 2010 issue.

Cindy Blackman's solo at Lake George

Travis Barker drumming on a yacht in the mid-Atlantic ocean.

Aerosmiths Joey Kramer rocking it in Vancouver

This is a fantastic 5 minute mini documentary showing the making of the Turkish-originated Zildjian cymbal.

I hope you've enjoyed watching these videos as much as I did.

Chris Goring - CGdrums lessons and tuition in Ilkeston, between Nottingham and Derby

Drum Blog 42 - 26/02/2011

I am going to see a beatboxer at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham this week called Beardyman. I first met Beardyman when I performed a gig for a clothes company in Oxford. As soon as I saw him I knew he was going to be massive and has since won the Uk beatbox championship twice and gone onto tour all over the world. My blog is therefore going to based around the art of beatboxing. There are loads of beatboxers to look out for including The Petebox who is from Nottingham, Killa Kela, Rahzel, Shlomo, Roxorloops & Kenny Muhammed - some of these are featured in the videos below.

If you have stumbled accross this blog looking for beatboxers then I hope this shows you some of the best videos there is to see.

For anybody who doesn't know what beatboxing is here is a definition.

Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion which primarily involves the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue and voice. It may also involve singing, vocal imitation of turntablism, the simulation of horns, strings, and other musical instruments.

Killa Kela on Soccer AM

Here is a funny clip of Beardyman.

A drummer and beatbox doing a performance. The camera angles and quick editing is abit of a mind bender, but the performance is pretty impressive.

I got told about this bloke who could play the flute and beatbox at the same time...I had my doubts, but this youtube video doesn't lie. Here is the talented Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee.

This is another video of Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee performing with Beardyman at a google event.

It would be rude not to show you this next video as it has over 19 million views on Youtube. Another beatboxing flute player...but this time playing the Super Mario theme.

Another Super Mario theme tune done entirely through beatboxing. this is all done with the voice!!!

I discovered Yuri Lane this week through somebody posting a video up on Facebook. the combination of beatboxing whilst playing a harmonica is impressive. My mate Ray would be extatic if I could do this.

Shlomo beatboxing.

Roxorloops solo beatboxing

Kenny Muhammed

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed watching the videos of the beatboxers. I know there hasn't been much physical drum playing in these videos but beat boxing is an art in itself based around the drum kit and the noises in which it produces.

Cheers for visiting, watching and reading.

CG drums - lessons in the Nottingham and Derby area.

Drum Blog 41 - 31/01/2011

Welcome to my first drum blog of 2011!

I can be sitting watching drum videos on YouTube and one minute it will be metals greatest drummer Joey Jordison and the next minute it could be Gene Krupa, an incredible jazz drummer. So this drum blog is going to be a random mix of the drum solos I have been watching recently featuring Carter Beauford, Max Roach, Steve Smith, Papa Jo Jones, Stanton Moore, Gene Hoglan and Nicko McBrain. The last video is of Chip Ritter juggling 3 sticks whilst playing the drums. Pretty impressive!

Carter Beauford is one of my favourite drummers

Stanton Moore grooving

Max Roach worked with many of the greatest jazz musicians, including Coleman Hawkins, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Sonny Rollins and Clifford Brown

Steve Smith's Tribute to Max Roach

Papa Jo Jones Jo Jones shifted the timekeeping role of the drums from the bass drum to the hi-hat cymbal, greatly influencing all swing and bop drummers. Buddy Rich and Louie Bellson were just two who learned from his light but forceful playing, as Jones swung the Count Basie Orchestra with just the right accents and sounds. A great solo with the use of his hands in the middle section.

Heres a drum solo by Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden

Fear Factory's Gene Hoglan talks his way through this metal drummers dream video

To finish off here is a video of Chip Ritter juggling 3 drum sticks on the David Letterman show

I hope you've enjoyed the selection of videos!
Chris Goring - CG drum tuition in the Nottingham and Derby area.