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I've been writing my blog "Look who's dropped by the studio ..." each and every week posting up my favourite videos from the drumming world! I am pleased you've decided to have a read of some of the older blogs as there might just be something you may have missed, and there's some very funny videos in there as well, so, read on and enjoy my friends ...

Week 20 - 21/06/2010

I often get asked what I think to electronic drum kits in comparison to the traditional acoustic drum kit. My general opinion is that either is better than having none! The acoustic kit to most people can not be beaten. But sometimes if space or noise is a problem electronic kits are ideal for the job. They are great fun to play and offer loads of sounds and are often supplied with a brain with pre-recorded tracks, a metronome and a port to plug in your mp3 player so you can play along to your favourite tunes!

Here I have two solo's both by Omar Hakim. The first is of him playing a solo on an electronic kit and the other is of him on an acoustic kit. If you get chance play on both types of kit and form your opinion!

Omar Hakim plays Roland V-Drums (electronic kit)

Omar Hakim plays an acoustic kit

Have your say! What do your prefer...please vote in my poll.

Check out this SJC drum kit - it's a little bit special!!!! check how it lights up!

I haven't talked to much about football - I wonder why! I still have faith. We'll beat Slovenia and then begin our trail of destruction!

All the best,

Week 19 - 14/06/2010

Hello and Happy World Cup!!! Is it Englands year? Maybe not after Saturdays game against the U.S.A, but I'm still optimistic! Early days yet I think we can go all the way!

Anyway onto drums and this week Thomas Lang dropped by the studio and recorded this drum solo! It is aptly named the best drum solo in the world!

When I was checking out some videos this week I came accross this mad keyboard drum solo which in my school days me and my mates could only dream about doing! Watch the video and you'll see what I mean!

Check out the link below to see what this Brazilian man and his dog are doing in order to watch Brazil at this years World Cup!!! Check out the link, it is definitely worth a click!!

Footballing Dog helps finance Wolrd Cup Trip

Thats all for this week folks,

Chris Goring
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Week 18 - 07/06/2010

Hello drummers, non-drummers and anybody else on the World Wide Web.

This week I have 3 videos to entertain your drumming needs!

It's All about the drum risers this week! Floating around playing drums seems to be the way forward! Dom Howard from the band Muse dropped by the studio this week, to show how he and Christopher Wolstenholme (the bands bass player) can rock the stage! Feast your eyes on this!

The weekend the nation went wild for drums! Kieran Gaffney came third on Britain's Got Talent, which is a great achievement for drums all round! It shows that everybody likes to watch drummers and deep down everybody has a little bit of love for the drums!

Kieran Gaffney performing Wipeout by The Safari's

Check out this weeks funny but at the same time amazing video!. Keep your eye on the drummer!!!!!!

This weekend I've been recording some percussion for some good friends Reggiimental and Matt Henshaw. The session went well and the tunes are coming along nicely. There will be more news from this project soon.

For anybody who hasn't voted in the Drummer poll check out the previous weeks blog and cast yours!

R.I.P Stuart Cable (19 May 1970 –- 7 June 2010) - Original drummer of The Stereophonics.


Week 17 - 31/05/2010

Welcome to my drumming blog, bringing you my favourite videos each and every week.

Thanks to everyone who's voted in the top 3 favourite drummers poll. I am going to run this over for the next few weeks. Currently Keith Moon is winning with 24.5% of the votes. What is it about Keith Moon that makes him so good? Is it his drumming skills or his on and off stage antics? I would say its a combination of the two!

Spread the word about the poll and keep the votes rolling in.

Onto this weeks video! I have chosen Mike Portnoy to be the featured drummer this week as he currently has no votes in the poll. So it gives you a chance to check him out if you haven't seen him already. Mike Portnoy is a great all round musician and is most famous for his work with Dream Theater.

My second video this week comes from Beardy Man who is an amazingly talented beat boxer. I first met him when I played a gig with him in Oxford for a clothes company. Other beat boxers you should check out are; Rahzel, Shlomo and The PETEBOX who is from Nottingham.

Have a great week!

Chris Goring
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Week 16 - 24/05/2010

Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag.

Did everyone watch the "I'm in a Rock 'n' Roll Band!: The Drummer" from last weeks blog. It is still up on the iPlayer for anybody who hasn't yet watched it! It is definitely worth a watch! I voted for John Bonham anyway in answer to last weeks question!

Wow! The weather is nice this weekend! As it happens I had the Cuban born Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez drop by the studio to show me his Latin, Rock and Jazz combined style! This man has drumming independence down to a fine art, with his left foot taking on a whole new life of its own! Check his solo out here....

To finish off heres a 14 year old Japanese drummer to keep you entertained!

I hope everyones had a good weekend and thanks for checking out my blog!


Week 15 - 17/05/2010

Look who's dropped by the studio this week....It's Joe Morello.

I've been listening to alot of Gene Krupa this week, so it got me looking back at some of the world's greatest jazz drummers. I have chosen Joe Morello's solo for my video of the week. Joe Morello's drumming was introduced to me when I first heard the Dave Brubeck Quartet, in particular the song Take Five which you should check out on youtube by clicking here. He supplies a great beat in an unusual time signature (5/4 Time). Take Five isn't a drum solo, so here is a solo played by Joe Morello:

Last week I promised that I would be putting up a funny video this week so here it is. It isn't only funny but is very clever, by a very talented drummer (he has previously featured playing the Simpsons theme tune), this time he's playing the Super Marios theme tune!

Yesterday I watched BBC 2's "I'm in a Rock 'n' Roll Band!: The Drummer" rockumentary, which was a great watch. It was very entertaining and informative about the life of drummers in bands featuring John Bonham, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, Dave Grohl and Phil Collins to name a few. It is currently available to watch on the iPlayer by following this link, if you missed it.

Make sure you vote for your favourite Rock 'n' Roll drummer aswel on the bbc website by clicking the link here

Guess who I chose?

I hope you've enjoyed this week's blog!

Week 14 - 10/05/2010

Welcome to CGdrums, this is my blog full of my favourite videos. Make sure you check out weeks 1-10 if you missed them by clicking here

This week I'm going to drop a metal maestro into the mix of videos! This is Slipknot's Joey Jordison unmasked, and the only thing scary about him is how good he is!

Check out this video of Terry Bozzio's kit being set up. It's no ordinary kit though, it's the biggest kit ever! check this time lapse of his kit being set up!!!

I have been watching a dvd of a drummer called Will Calhoun recently. He is such an inspiration and talks about what a drummer should be in the context of a band and this is a quote from him, as you read it, imagine it's Denzel Washington (actor in 'Training Day', 'Man On Fire' and 'American Gangster' to name a few) saying it.

"It's a game of give and take the drums. You are the controller of the bandstand. No one's going to give you credit, the bass player might, the guitar player won't, the singer might buy you a beer, that's about as far as its going to get. A few girls might wait for you at the end of the show to help you pack up your cymbals if you are lucky. At the end of the day you control it, you are the mother of the stage....You are the leader of the band at the rear of the please learn and study the dynamics and the definition of rhythm and sound"

Thanks for visiting, I'll be back again next week with more videos and I promise to post a funny video next week!

Currently listening to Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

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Week 13 - 03/05/2010

Happy Bank Holiday! As I write this I am listening to Bank Holiday Monday by The Stereophonics - amazing tune!!

Anyway, straight into this weeks newly named 'Vlog' (video blog), which features Steve White who played in The Style Council (Paul Wellers' band after The Jam), and then went on to play for Paul Weller in his own band. Steve White is currently doing drum clinics up and down the country and comes to Derby this wednesday 12th May to play at The Venue, an event put on by Rattle and Drum.

Steve Whites solo starts 1 minute 30 seconds in on this video playing in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

I had an exciting bank holiday weekend starting on Saturday with a trip to Old Trafford Football Club to watch a few bands and a celebrity/Manchester United Legends football game. Legends and Celebs included Sir Bobby Charlton, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Jaap Stam, Dwight Yorke, Andy Cole, Tim Lovejoy, Paddy Mcguiness and loads more. I also got to see some short sets played by Tinchy Stryder, The Saturdays, The Hoosiers and Tony Christie which was amusing!

I spent the bank holiday in Stoke at the Monkey Forest which was amazing. The monkeys (Barbary Macaques who come from North Africa) were jumping everywhere and were very entertaining! I then got home and searched for monkeys playing drums on youtube and came accross a couple of videos....but none quite so famous as this one!

And for a bonus treat (hahaha) you can see a picture of me dressed up as a Gorilla playing at one of my old band's infamous Censored's Club S.O.S nights at Junktion 7.


For anybody reading who used to follow Censored, check out Matt's new project over @ - more to follow on this next week!

Chris Goring
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Week 12 - 26/04/2010

Welcome back to the 'Look Who's dropped by the studio...' blog. Make sure you check out weeks 1 to 10, which can be found in the blog archive section of the web site or alternatively by clicking here if you haven't seen them, there are some very good, and some very funny videos!!!

Anyway...Look who's dropped by the studio this week. Alongside Matt Henshaw, Derby's very own Reggiimental and Nathan Clarke, Swiss drummer Jojo Mayer popped by. His playing style brings together jazz, drum and bass, jungle and many other influences. This is a shorter clip of a video which is on, which is one of the best solos i've ever seen.

Here's a quick video of me and my mate Luke White (formely of NotSoPretty) working on a rough instrumental tune.

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks 'Vlog' (I learnt this week that a video blog can be referred to as Vlog in this online webby world!!!), and make sure you check out weeks 1 - 10 to catch up on anything you've missed out on!


Chris Goring

Week 11 - 19/04/2010

This weeks featured video is of Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers with an explosive drum solo. Its a great solo based around a series of grooves and fills.

I hope you've been enjoying my funny drum related videos which I have posted over the last few weeks. They have certainly amused me! Heres another one to keep you entertained. This video is of Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) and his invisible drum kit! Enjoy...

I went to see Twisted Wheel again at the weekend who were amazing. They played in Derby at 'The Venue' promoted by IME Music who put on a fantastic festival in Matlock called 'Y Not', it is worth checking out the line up as new bands are always being added to the line up! search Y Not on google for more info!

On a different none musical note I went to the cinema to see 'Cemetery Junction' at the weekend, which I would give a 7 out of 10. It was good, but not the best film I've ever seen.

Anyway I hope you've enjoyed the videos. Have a good week!

All the best!
Chris Goring