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I've been writing my blog "Look who's dropped by the studio ..." each and every week posting up my favourite videos from the drumming world! I am pleased you've decided to have a read of some of the older blogs as there might just be something you may have missed, and there's some very funny videos in there as well, so, read on and enjoy my friends ...

Week 10 - 12/04/2010

If you are new to this blog, for the past 10 weeks I have been showing everybody my favourite youtube drum videos and sometimes other comical videos, please feel free to show anybody else who you think may be interested in my Internet findings.

This weeks blog is not of just one particular drummer but of a group of drummers (or more to the point percussionists), who form the rhythmical theatre dance troupe "Stomp". I went to see 'Stomp' performed live at The Festival Theatre in Edinburgh in January of this year. It is an energetic show full of rhythm and is also very funny in places, which is surprising as it has no spoken dialogue. I give it a 10/10 rating and suggest that anybody with a rhythmic heartbeat should go and see it. Heres a short clip from Stomp performed live...

For a short dose of humerous, but very good drumming check out this drum performance of 'The Simpsons'

Currently listening to The Jeevas. Check out the track Once upon a Time in America.

Thanks for checking back, I'll be back with more next week!

Chris Goring
Drum Lessons in Ilkeston , Heanor and the Nottingham and Derby area

Week 9 - 5/04/2010

I'm writing this weeks blog slightly later than usual because of the bank holiday weekend. I hope everyone had a good one!

I was up in the Lake District for a wedding at the weekend, so it meant; which CD's are going to entertain me on the way? I chose 4 CD's which were:

1. The Best of the Libertines
2. Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory
3. Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
4. Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles

All in all it was a Indie/Rock fest, interspersed with some Drum & Bass and the tunes Radio 1 had to offer.

Now onto this weeks video - Before I went away I was working on my brush work (not painting) but drumming brush work. Brushes might be used for ballads, jazz or other soft styles of playing and features alot of snare work (on a coated snare head). I was checking out Ed Thigpen who was renowned for being one of the greatest brush players. This video gives a great insight into how the brushes can be used to accompany other musicians:

As I posted a funny drumming related video last week I am going to post another one here. Animal from the muppet shows how much he loves his drums in this short but funny video! Get ready to kiss your drum kit!!!!

I would just like sign off by congratulating Oli and Shelly on the marriage.

Thanks for reading, Chris

Week 8 - 28/03/2010

Hello and welcome to the new home of CG drums. I hope you like the new website...

I have been listening to a lot of female drummers this week, some which I already knew and some that I just discovered. The solo I have chosen as my video of the week comes from Hilary Jones who performs a solo with a great groove. The song she plays along to sounds very much like it should be off Sonic the Hedgehog, the only difference though, is that this has amazing drums.

Other female drummers to check out are:
1. Cindy Blackman
2. Vera Figueiredo
3. Sheila E.

I'm posting a second video up this week as an extra treat, for both its comical value and because its incredible!!!

This week I have been listening to loads of Arctic Monkeys. From all of Humbug (Arctic Monkeys' most recent album) B-sides back to a live version of the Arctic Monkeys Glastonbury set from 2007. I was actually at the gig so it brings back good memories!

Currently watching James Bond 'Goldfinger' (1964). It has a great soundtrack sung by Shirley Bassey.

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks varied blog.

Cheers for looking
Chris Goring

Week 7 - 22/03/2010

Hello everyone! This week I was sent a video of Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters drummer) with his own band The Coattail Riders. He is playing some great syncopated beats and singing at the same time. I think the Foo Fighters are amazing and anybody who plays drums for Dave Grohl has got to have a massive amount of talent!

Anyway heres the song called 'Get Up I Want to Get Down'.

I was down in Leicester this weekend visiting a friend so it gave me a chance to listen to one of my recently purchased Rage Against the Machine albums, 'The Battle of Los Angeles'. Testify and Guerrilla Radio are massively powerful songs!

Currently listening to Twisted Wheel who I went to see at the Leicester Music Cafe last weekend. Twisted Wheel played at our club night 'Censoreds Club S.O.S' back in October 2007 and have gone on to support Oasis, Kasabian and Paul Weller to name a few. My favourite tracks are 'Oh What Have You Done', 'One Night on the Streets' and 'Strife'.


Week 6 - 15/03/2010

This week's blog entry is a continuation from last weeks, looking back at when I played with my old band Censored. In the early days me and Matt Henshaw (guitarist) would not only play music together but would also create the best lego villages and slam the best pogs! We would also find ourselves listening to a lot of music together. When Matt discovered 'Made In Japan' by Deep Purple he played me a track called The Mule which featured a lengthy drum solo by Nottingham's own Ian Paice. Matt with the help of Ian Paice inspired me to perform a drum solo as part of our live set. Somehow we managed to splice the solo into every set whether it be a short 25 minute, or a longer 1 and a half hour set! Thank you Ian Paice for the inspiration!

Check out the top video for a live version of The Mule solo and the bottom video for his hand speed!

The Mule Solo

Ian Paice hand speed

Currently listening to 'The 21st Century'...the debut single by The Souvenirs.

Chris Goring
Drum tuition based in Derby / Nottingham

Week 5 - 08/03/2010

This week's video brings me back to the early days of playing in my old band Censored (formed at the age of 11). As a young fledgling band we played quite a few pub and club gigs to get us going and give us a feel for playing in front of an audience. Albeit the audience was sometimes quintuple (I had to look up the word for 5 times!) our age and older, and would most probably of liked to hear a set full of cover songs rather than our own original material, it gave the locals a chance to tell me what drummers and in particular one drummer I should check out! That drummer was Cozy Powell....the track always referenced was 'Dance with the Devil'. Here it is....

I am currently listening to Stereophonics (again) as I went to see them on Friday night at the Trent FM Arena (Nottingham) - they were amazing!

I would also like to say congratulations to Dan Martin who passed his Grade 1 Rockschool exam with distinction! Well done!

I'll be back next week with another of my favourite videos from the drumming world!

Chris Goring - CG Drums

Week 4 - 01/03/2010

I was having some fun playing the drums at the weekend and guess who dropped was only Thomas Pridgen of The Mars Volta. I've only recently started listening to them and Thomas Pridgen is such a power house! Enjoy the video,

Also check out the first 40 seconds of their appearance on the Letterman show and watch all of it if you enjoy it! Amazing drumming! check out the link here. The Mars Volta - Letterman show

All the best, Chris

Week 3 - 22/02/2010

As you probably know, my 3 favourite drummers are John Bonham (all round innovation and hard hitting beats, (Led Zepellin)), Keith Moon (for his craziness! (The Who) and Buddy Rich (for his speed and utter brilliance). This weeks video is going to feature the latter, complete with his 3-piece suit!

Currently listening to Stereophonics - 'Keep Calm and Carry On'

I hope you like this weeks video!

Week 2 - 15/02/2010

Its that time of the week again to show you a cool video I found on YouTube. I've watched this video loads of times over the past couple of years and think its amazing everytime I watch it!

The video is of a street drummer doing his thing. Its class what he can do with a bucket and sticks!

Hope you enjoy it!

Currently listening to Rated R by Queens of the Stone Age on Spotify! Check it out!

Cheers - CG

Week 1 - 08/02/2010

This week John Bonham (of Led Zeppelin) dropped by the studio to give a great rendition of one his most famous drum solos 'Moby Dick'.

A small snippet of John Bonhams drum solo 'Moby Dick' - check out the longer version, if you like what you see!

Cheers - CG